Who are you, LG Marquee?
By Fred Salva

What you can see on the image above might be another refreshment in LG?s line. According to the image above (or, actually, on your left), this is LG Marquee that? that looks a lot like the LG Optimus Black. Here is the deal: we are not sure yet but we believe that what you are looking at is the LG Optimus Black but due to the fact that it is coming on Sprint, there is a great possibility that Sprint will name it the LG Marquee. What makes us think that this is the Optimus Black? Because, the smart-phone on the image rocks exactly the same volume rocker and "G" as the Black does. Of course, it is not official confirmation but, as always, there is a chance of us being right. By the way, Sprint was asked about this device and here?s their answer: "We can?t comment on any speculation regarding devices coming to Sprint."

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