Video From DirectFix: Broken Glass
By Fred Salva

?Life is life, nana-na-nana?. These are the words from a popular song back in 80s and this is also the best explanation for all the unexpected things that are waiting for you around the corner. I know that the possibility of your device getting hurt and crashed is very little but there is no way you can protect it on 100% no matter what. And sometimes, unfortunately, things like you see on the image above just? happen. And the biggest problem is that if your smart-phone is out of warranty, you won?t be able to prove that your suicidal HTC Thunderbolt was trying to kill himself by breaking into his heart through the front glass. Anyway, if a problem like this has occurred, do not freak out because fellows over DirectFix will definitely help you to find the answer. If you have a broken front glass like this, take a look at the video where professionals show and explain how to replace a broken glass and get yourself a new one. But please, try to avoid things like that.

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