Verizon Says Its 4G Network is OK
By Fred Salva

According to Verizon's Twitter account here?s what?s going on with its 4G LTE and 3G network: 4GLTE issue resolved overnight. 3G operated normally; calling, texting were unaffected. If you recall, just a couple of days before, we witnessed another collapse of the 4G network. I know that maybe this is not the biggest problem and that Verizon can?t boast with a great number of LTE capable devices but still ? if you promote your product and you want people to buy it, make sure that it works. At the first time it was strange but understandable (anything can happen ? this is life). At the second time it was unexpected and confusing. But at the third time it looked like mockery. There is no point in spreading LTE network when it?s not working. I am not judging and I do respect what Verizon does but please ? don?t make us feel disappointed. You give us stable 4G connectivity and we, the people of the United States, give you customers.

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