Tommy Rebik

Tommy Rebik
What can I say about this Job? Well when I was in third grade I didn't see tech reporter/cell phone reviewer on the list either. I feel that I was almost mislead by my teachers, they never told me that I could be on the cutting edge of technology they wanted me to be an accountant or a doctor. I never wanted those jobs; Technology is where it is at. It helped that my Dad was a computer programmer so he was as hooked on tech as I am now. I mean he's reaching 70 in age and is currently using an HTC Thunderbolt, linked his email, Facebook contacts, set up the entire device by himself. What 70 year old do you know who does that, not many. As I continued through high school I started working part time for a cell phone retailer and from there moved my way through the channels to get to where I am now.

I'm moving up the ladder till I'm helping run one of the Big Four taking everything I have learned from the news reports, articles, complaints and comments from the readers like I report on every day to make it a better more consumer oriented cell provider. It is an absolute joy to be in this industry and I hope for years to come I can be involved in it, one way or another. I hope you enjoy or, articles, videos, reviews, accessories and if at any time you ever have a question please feel free to email at

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