Samsung Is Playing Tricks With The UK
By Mark Zalewski

We are glad to inform our European friend in the United Kingdom that less than over a month they will be able to get UK edition of the Galaxy Tab in their stores. The exact release date was set on the 1st of November. But there is one thing that we are still not aware of ? the price. It looks like Samsung is playing tricks with British and is trying to figure out how much they are willing to pay for this pretty expensive device. Anyway, we have heard some rumors that Samsung will make you pay 599.99 (about 950 USD) for Galaxy Tablet. But the problem is that this is only a rumor and you should expect to give more for the gadget. I?m not good in marketing but I think that even 599.99 is too much for any average British customer and I hope that Samsung will reconsider their price strategy in a better way.

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