Samsung Infuse 4G Receives Source Code
By Fred Salva

If you are a developer and if you know what Open Source Release Center website is, then you should save coffee for the next few days or weeks because Samsung has a little present for you. According to their official message, now developers can grab the open-source portions of the Infuse 4G OS for their own interest. Well, I think it would be right to warn you, the regular Android users, that open-source code is not something that you download and flash to your phone. This thing is oriented on developers to use to rebuild or tweak the system. Well, you can download it for your interest but that is all ? to make things work you have to know at least something about Android programming. Those who are interested in getting the source code for their future or already obtained Samsung Infuse 4G smart-phone, can had on Open Source Release Center website and search for SGH-I997 to get to the download and release notes.

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