Red Is a Color of Anger
By Mark Zalewski

To be frank I do not like red color. Yes, it draws you attention and a beautiful lady in a red skirt will surely make your heart bit faster. But red is a color of anger. If you look at the red something for a long time, you?ll feel yourself stressed and angry and if you are not a calm and reasonable person, you might even hurt somebody. I think that you, who enjoy HTC Evo 4G have already mentioned that the incoming message is indicated with the red light on your device. I know that this kind of method won?t make your blood boil, but I?m quite sure that a lot of you would like to change this thing. That is why some very good friends of Android Devices did a little magic and made it possible to change your LED indicator into some other colors beside red. Isn?t it just wonderful! I?ve always said: ?It?s all about the little things?. If you find this information interesting, you can check the link ˙to make your messages ?change the color?!

Customer Comments
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