Pinball Deluxe Was Updated
By Fred Salva

The best thing about any of the apps on the Android market will be their free availability. I think that this is human?s psychology that we love free stuff especially when this free stuff is great. Well, if you remember long, long time ago we were reviewing Pinball Deluxe game. Yep, that one cool pinball game that you were enjoying and probably are on your Android. Well, its developers were celebrating 1 million downloads a few days ago and for this occasion they?ve made a decision to please Pinball Deluxe fans with the update. First of all, you will be able to find a bit renewed interface and one brand new Wild West styled table. And yes, of course, the game is free of charge so there is nothing that can stop you from downloading this game and enjoying it everywhere. And you can always contact developers if you want to change something or offer new features ? they will appreciate it.

Customer Comments
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