Now Gorillas Will Protect You Androids
By Mark Zalewski

Nowadays modern and up-to-date gorillas are not only good for eating bananas and yelling some ?u-u-u? and ?a-a-a? sounds. They can also protect your Samsung Galaxy Tab display from being spoilt with your nails, keys and any other sharp things. Also, now it is possible to put your smart-phone in the back pocket of your jeans because due to the reliable and strong Gorilla Glass you?ll find you phone still alive after an experiment like this. Well, all the grateful words you can direct to those people who spent nights and days making this world better and stronger. Due to the unique and secret chemical combination Gorillas Glass managed to create ?one of the most scratch and shatter resistant glass surfaces?. It looks like Gorilla Glass is very good in strategy and knows what is doing. We are all people and, obviously make mistakes. Sometimes the game on your Android Device is so interesting and complicated that you accept the ?game over? only after your touch screen has beautiful and unexpected cracks caused by your emotions. Well, now with the Gorilla Glass you can be sure that this is not going to happen again.

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