NFL App from DirecTV
By Fred Salva

This NFL season is just about to get a bit more interesting? Wait, it is already a bit more interesting and do you know why? DirecTV has released the NFL Sunday Ticket application. In the list of supported devices Xoom and all Motorola's Android offerings are listed but it appears that the application and service mentioned run perfectly well on gadgets like the Kyocera Echo and the Android player on the BlackBerry Playbook so, before giving up trying, just give an app a try. Of course, the service itself is not cheap and requires a few things from you. First of all, you?ll have to be a NFL Sunday Ticket subscriber and second of all ? you?ll have to pay $50 to get a possibility to stream contact on your tablet. I know that 50 bucks is pretty much for an app but you are not paying for software, you are paying for the precious moments of your life. For more information I encourage you to visit DirecTV.

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