Nexus Prime: You Don?t Root, You Open
By Fred Salva

Unlike Apple, Google tries to behave friendly with its Android fans and prefers making the Andy OS a bit friendlier than the iOS. Basically, after jailbreaking your device you won?t see a lot of changes on your iPhone while after rooting your Android you can literary do almost everything. But it looks like those who were trying to root their latest Google product ? the Nexus Prime, have made us feel like they are geniuses. Well, partly, they are but it looks like the Nexus Prime is not as closed as lots of the other Android based devices. And according to Nick Kralevich, Android security engineer, when you hack your Prime, ?It?s not ?rooting,? it?s openness?. I am not good in rooting, so, I am not sure how it works but I believe the officials. And remember, when you root your device, all the good and bad results will be only your responsibility, so, if you are not sure in your skills ? DON?T DO THAT!

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