Netflix: Was Here But Now's Gone
By Fred Salva

Sometimes, all you have to do to make us write about you is to be attentive. Another one XDA forum member, Maptec, was having a working copy of Netflix for his Android which streamed video just fine on HTC Evo 4G. Other users say that this was a regular Netflix from LG Revolution system dump. But the best thing was that while using this app, he was able to receive an update and the updated version was working as well. In other words, he has managed to update the unofficial version of this application. But, unfortunately, people that are working at Netflix receive money for the job done and some time after this app was blocked or something like that. So, at the end, we are now left with nothing and the only thing left is to be patient and find powers to wait a bit for the official magical Netflix for everyone! Stay tuned for more.

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