Make Your HTC Droid Incredible Even More Incredible With More Battery Life
By Fred Salva

One of the biggiest complaints of HTC Droid Incredible users is that when using the phone as intended, the stock battery that comes with the phone drains so quickly that many users have to continually charge the battery to keep the phone from dying. There are options out there that will give you more battery life, but many of them are bulky, and destroy the sleek look that is one of the biggest selling points of the HTC Droid Incredible. There is a new and better option however that will help extend the battery life, and keep that slick look, which is one of the big reasons why you bought the phone in the first place, right? With the Seidio Innocell Slim Extended Life Battery, you can have it all, the battery life, the productivity, and all without a bulky battery that ruins the look of the phone. Right now, you can order the battery online for only $41, so not only is it a great deal for your phone, but it is also light on the wallet.

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