Make Your Honeycomb Tablet Silent
By Fred Salva

Today you?ve made a decision to be nice with your kid and now he?s playing with your Honeycomb based tablet (pick the one you like). And everything seems to be OK except? Except the fact that he?s killing you with all the noise your favorite games produce. Well, when you play it?s one thing but when your kid plays ? this is totally another. So, without any doubt you have to make everything as silent as possible and the only way to do that is right here: Go to Settings, then sound then volume (You can also hit one of the volume buttons, then press the sound icon on the screen) Slide each of the three sliders all the way down Go to Notifications and set you ringtone to silent Go to Feedback and un-check 'Audible selection' as well as 'Screen lock sounds' Yes, this is not an ordinary way to silent your tablet. You can use the regular voice regulator but sometimes it happens that sounds still break through. Well, the method above will definitely bring you back the comfort of silence.

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