Madden 2011
By Fred Salva

The only two things that people have been excited about for centuries were food and entertainment. Give them those two things and they will be ?lost? for the rest of the world. That is one of the reasons why American people are so crazy about the Football. Almost every single person loves this game and if not than respects it as much as one can imagine. And today we are pleased to talk about the upcoming Madden 2011 for the Android devices. 2011?s version is better, smoother and more exciting. Yes, the graphics is a bit too primitive but still gets a hard 4 out of 5 points. But thanks to the new game engine you?ll be able to do almost everything that can be done in the Madden game. But, as we all know, something interesting and exciting costs a bit more than something regular and boring. So, for Madden 2011 you?ll have to pay almost 10 dollars. But if you are a real football fan than there is no way you?re going to miss it.

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