Long-Term Android Eats the Short-Term Apple iOS
By Ricky Mauch

Pretty interesting headline huh? But as much as we can find it hard to believe in this statement, accurate studies and carefully measured opinions are proving the statement correct. In a recent survey of around 2,300 mobile application developers, ComputerWorld?s collaboration with Appcelarator and IDC came into a very interesting analysis that while Apple?s iOS might be phenomenal ? citing the success of the iPhone &iPad ? this state might be only for the short-term. ComputerWorld found out that a majority of the mobile app developers are investing more on Android?s OS for the long-term benefits. The difference can probably be found in the way that these top OS developers program their systems. The research team came up with a 59%-35% ratio between Android and the iOS, 59% for Android. 75% of the people involved in the research say that Apple?s iOS is at its best on the short-term basis. Another contributing factor to Android?s sweep victory is its ability to support more devices. Apparently, Apple might need to consider dumping its within-the-box packaging. Tags: ComputerWorld, Android, iOS.

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