LG Optimus Black and CM 7
By Fred Salva

The LG Optimus Black is rumored to come on Virgin Mobile USA and is definitely coming on Sprint anytime soon. The good news is that even before its release famous Android developer Ricardo Cerqueira has managed to build an early preview of CM 7 for the Black. Of course, this is an early beta only and has lots of issues including Wi-Fi problems. But, we are more than sure that rather sooner than later Ricardo Cerqueira will finish his project and stable and working build will be available for download with no charge. By the way, the LG Optimus Black will be coming on Sprint known as the LG Marquee, so, do not be fooled with two names and one device. CM builds were always known for stable and original working process and that is why we want to make you sure that if you are going to get yourself the LG Optimus Black ? it is really worth waiting for the CM 7 to become stable and get it on your device.

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