Laminar Research's X-Plane 9
By Fred Salva

A long time ago we were reviewing a pretty beautiful but a bit useless Android game that goes under the name Laminar Research X-Plane 9. Why beautiful? Because the 3D graphics is very realistic and those places that you will be flying above look just amazing. Why useless? Because the only thing you?ll have to do is to fly. So, the application has got its update and here is what we are going to see in this version. 1. First of all, now you are able to fly on almost everything that was created with the help of great people of aviation. X-Plane has added in-app billing and now has 40 new airplanes from which to choose starting Airbus A380, or a Boeing 747, or an SR-71, B-52 and finishing with a Chinook helicopter. But wait, there is more: if you are going to fly on fighter aircrafts like the F-22, F-15 or F-4, you'll quickly find yourself being shot at. Every plain is worth 99 cents. 2. Second of all, you will be able to see different places including Miami and other and they look very beautiful from the sky above. 3. The last one update concerns the price. Previously you were supposed to pay $9.99 for getting the app mentioned on your device but now it is worth $4.99 giving you that much more change to spend on planes and maps.

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