Keyboard-Blind type by Google
By Ricky Mauch

Google! No comments about its performance because Google update means world update. Now I am introducing about a simple update of keyboard like Blind type. Do you know what is it? and how does it work.OK, Don?t worry, let me explain about it. The keyboard company has been acquired new update for keyboard by Google which is called Blind type and the company very pleasant about it. It seems to me that Android users will definitely be happy about this statement for this Blind Type application and people around the world for its capability to forecast the words being typed by the user in spite of how the text was inputted. It?s a keyboard technology that lets you type messages without being faintly accurate and it permits you to type even if you?re blindfolded, literally, and still get your proposed results. So guys, I am sure all of you now clear about it.

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