Huawei Creates Pegasus Statue Out of 3 500 Smart-phones
By Fred Salva

If you want to make something popular ? make it look unique, use your creative thinking. I can?t fully agree with the latest wave of creativity performed by Huawei but I can say with a firm that they did a great job. To make the announcement of their products as special as possible, Huawei made a Pegasus statue out of 3, 500 smart-phones and it looks amazing. I do not know if the devices were real or not cause if they were then I?m pretty sure that there will be enthusiast who would do their best to grab at least one of those shiny beauties. Also, Huawei will have to spend about 2000000 to decorate this Pegasus with shiny little smart-phones which is a lot! A creative publicity stunt took 720 man-hours to make it real and it is still displayed in Barcelona and impresses people with the magnificent look. But there is one ting that keeps bothering me: what Huawei is going to do with those smart-phones after MWC 2012? I really hope to see them shared among Congress?s participants or, maybe, casual people? Also, make sure you check out the creation process by clicking right here.

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