HTC Is Sued For ChaCha
By Fred Salva

To be frank, the first think that I was thinking about while reading a name of the upcoming Facebook phone ? HTC ChaCha was that it sounds a lot like a popular Latino dance. But it looks that my associative skills were far from being right. To be frank, I?ve heard something about the popular ChaCha Search Inc site but that is all. And it appears that this trademark is not satisfied with the name of HTC ChaCha and they want HTC to rename it. But things are not that simple as far as HTC and ChaCha are going to meet in the court soon. I find this situation a bit confusing and stupid as far as ChaCha is not a search site only ? it is a popular dance known all over the world and you can?t just owe the right to call things ChaCha. But I am not a judge here so we will keep an eye on this process and you will be the first ones to get all the juicy news.

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