HTC Incredible will get new screen due to delays
By Erika Galeano

Well it now seems that HTC has dumped samsung for Sony! HTC has decided that they will now put SLCD screens from Sony on the HTC Droid incredible instead of the AMOLED screen it had before. HTC has come to this conclusion after Samsung was taking way too long to manufacturer the AMOLED screens therefore HTC could not fulfill demand quick enough. So what HTC decided to do was choose Sony as its new screen manufacturer. The HTC incredible was the device that suffered the most out of all the devices since it was nearly impossible to get a hold of the device for months! This really affected the phone especially since many other Android devices have surfaced since that time. Now with this new screen it is expected to give users higher resolution and better viewing options. You can begin to expect the new screens to roll out on the incredible at the end of the month. Now if you already have an incredible and you need a replacement you actually going to get one with the original AMOLED screen.

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