Google?s Project Glass: Future Becomes Real
By Fred Salva

Nowadays modern technologies progress in a speed of light and things that were futuristic yesterday are real today. I am not sure if you recall, but for a few months now different leaks pop out here and there about Google?s Project Glass. According to the freshest rumors this is going to be a wearable HUD-based mobile device. It is currently being developed at Google's secret X Lab (Google[x]) and I do hope that we are going to see it in the closest future available for free purchase. In this video you can see stylish glasses that look like something right out of the Deus Ex universe. You put those on and all the important information appears on the inner side of its lenses: incoming calls and messages, notifications, video chat, social networking, photography, weather, navigation and others. What I do like about this concept that it looks realistic and even with technological achievements available nowadays manufacturers can make Project Glass real. So, enjoy the video and let us know what you think about this in the comment section below.

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