Google Works on Making Indoor Navigation Better
By Fred Salva

You can literary find a plenty of different outdoor navigations apps for your smart-phone or tablet on the Google Play. Some of them are a bit more accurate, others ? a bit more detailed. But, as a rule, they work great outside. But what about indoor navigation? Well, this useful features is only to become popular cause, as a rule, you can always find your way to the exit in a mall or elsewhere but, for example, if you are in a strange mall, do not speak English and none is nearby to ask about directions, you could always use a little tip, right? Well, thanks to Google and their cooperation with different instances we are going to see pretty great indoor navigation on the closest time. The best part is that those instances will be responsible for providing information themselves and accuracy of your location should depend on their efforts. But, we assume that banks will refuse to give Google their indoor plans because of the security issues.

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