Google TV Receives Serious Update
By Fred Salva

Finally Google is on updating its pretty great product ? Google TV. I think that every single person who happens to have this at home was expecting to receive a couple of new features and, as you can see, rather sooner than later everything will become real. Announced this morning on the Google TV Blog, Google reminds us all that "these are still early days" but even despite that we are fully into it. So, let us take a look at what presents Google has got for us: A simpler user interface, with a customizable home screen. Finding content becomes easier. TV and movies get their own search, whether they're on Netflix, YouTube, Amazon, cable, satellite, etc. Improved YouTube experience. Leanback was just the beginning. It's now been integrated even deeper. Apps. Finally, the Android Market comes to Google TV. You won't initially have the full breadth of the market on Google TV ? apps that require a touch-screen, GPS or telephony won't show, so that pares things down quite a bit ? but Google has 50 developers already lined up.

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