Galaxy S III: Official TV Commercial
By Fred Salva

The official launch of the Samsung Galaxy S III is getting closer and closer and by all means we are looking forward on that date. To juice things up a bit Samsung shares one of the first videos about its newest achievement that can be found on YouTube. Well, technically, this promo was shown during the official Galaxy S III presentation but back then it was cut on pieces. Now we have the whole picture with loud slogans like "keeps track of your loved ones," "recognizes who you are," "follows your every move," and "waits until you're asleep." While those sound interesting and catchy, from a bit different point of view they happen to be pretty scary: especially "follows your every move," "keeps track of your loved ones," and "waits until you're asleep." Darn, my smart-phone is a sociopath and a serial killer! But what really disappoints me is that in this commercial you won’t see a lot of a smart-phone itself – it’s mostly people doing something but not smart-phone doing things. You can find this video on YouTube under the title “[GALAXY S III] Official TV Commercial”.

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