Developers more enthusiastic for Android than the iPad
By Ricky Mauch

Lately it is apparent that the enthusiasm for the Apple iPad by developers has dropped due to it's lack of multitasking and a camera. Appcelerator surveyed over 1,000 developers earlier this month, and found that 80% of them stated that they intended on creating an iPad application within the next year. When compared to a similar poll which was taken 2 months ago, right before Jobs introduced the iPad, 90% of surveyed developers said that they would create an iPad application in the next 12 months. Scott Schwarzhoff, head of marketing for the Mountain View, Calif., stated that, "After, it was clear that a couple of key features wouldn't make it in the first round, including a camera and multitasking. That's nothing that can't be fixed down the road, but it did temper enthusiasm." Out of all the developers who were polled, 53% of them said that they were "very interested" in developing with the iPad platform, 5% down from January's promising 58%. These statistics put the iPad in 3rd place, behind the iPhone with 87%, and Google's Android platform, with 81%. The up side to this is that the iPad is significantly ahead of BlackBerry, with 43%, and Windows Phone 7, with 34%. Schwarzhoff admitted, "There's no way that the iPad can not do well." [via Computer World]

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