Cloud Printing on Firefox Mobile
By Fred Salva

When we were about 6 or 8 years old we were dreaming of getting on a cloud and drawing pictures or writing messages to Santa Claus. Ou, you were not? Well, I guess it was me only. Never the less, when I was 6 this dream was as unreachable as the Sun but right now I would say that it is as unreachable as the cub of bear that is standing in a few centimeters from me. If you remember, Google was working on cloud printing some time ago and if I am not mistaken this project has not reached the logical end. Well, if not Google than Firefox. Firefox Mobile has released an app that allows cloud printing. The good thing is that you won?t have to restart your browser after its install. The application is available for the download but be ready to see a few bugs while using it. So, if any occur, please report the developer?s site for their vanishing.

Customer Comments
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