Brandi Joles

Brandi Joles
Itís Brandy here! Iíve loved cell phones ever since I got my first Nokia back in middle school. Ever since the immediate impact of technology in life, Iíve been dedicated to finding out how it all really works! Since then Iíve owned a plethora of devices. My love for phones started to turn to obsession. I even had the first color phone available, the Sony Ericsson t681i. From there the search for the latest phone begun to turn into a must have. I constantly changed my devices around every couple of months. Soon I began to explore the first iteration of smart phones.

As the complexity of phones began to grow, so did my questions. Thanks to my surroundings answering these questions was never an impossible stretch. This only fueled my quest for knowledge. The capabilities of phones also began to expand. Before I knew it, I was knee deep In a subject that was just being born. Skip ahead many years later, I am now answering the very same questions I had once asked myself when I was initially intrigued. My hopes are to spark the minds and ideas of future mobile enthusiasts. I also like to take my dog on long walks.

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