The Best Mobile Spy to Purchase if You are Looking to Track

Instead of wasting your time looking for other spy applications, purchase mSpy and download it on the target phone, as it is unarguably the best such application available. You might not believe it, but industry experts consider both the mSpy phone tracker duo: mSpy iOS (for Apple based mobiles) and the mSpy Android (for Android based smartphones) as the ultimate spy application for mobiles. You can use it to track the WhatsApp chat sessions of your kids and employees, as well as their location (using geo tracker module). The mSpy iPhone works silently in the background, and provides you with details of activities taking place on the mobile it is installed in. As the users of those phones will not be able to find the details of this application under the list of `downloaded applications’ or `running applications,’ they will not be aware of its presence.


What is mSpy?

It is an application used to track the activities taking place on the smartphone on which it is installed and sends the information to the person in control of the software. You have the option of choosing from several plans for mSpy paid apk and can find the mSpy price for the different subscription options on the website of the vendor.


How to Install mSpy on the iPhone

Unlike the previous versions of mSpy iPhone, where one had to jailbreak the target device in order to download and install the software, the latest version, the mSpy no jailbreak does not require tampering and jailbreaking the iPhone, an action which nulls the warranty of the mobile. Log on to the vendor’s website using the username password combination you provided while purchasing the software, click on the mSpy download link, select the iOS operating system, input the target mobile number, and click on install. The mSpy mobile app will download and install itself on the target phone. Upon successful installation of the mSpy software, you can check the activity taking place on the installed mobile by logging into the server of mSpy, using your username & password, and selecting the target phone. The entire process should not take more than a couple of minutes.


How to Install mSpy on Android

The procedure is the same as that for the iPhone except that you have to make some tweaks on the Android phone. Go to settings, from there to advanced settings, and change the `allow installation of applications from unknown sources’ to `on.’ Now log in to your mSpy account, input the number of the target mobile, and click on the install option. The mSpy software will download and be successfully installed on the target phone. Restore the security settings to what they were prior to installing mSpy.


How to Use mSpy

You can track the targeted mobile by logging on to the servers of mSpy and selecting the mobile you want to track. Click the mSpy WhatsApp link on the website to see the WhatsApp activities on the installed mobile. You should also read the reviews of mSpy Android WhatsApp download as well as the mSpy reviews on review sites that contain review posts of this spy application.

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