AT&T Compatible Galaxy S III Reaches FCC
By Fred Salva

It looks like one of the Galaxy S III smart-phone models is now tested by FCC. But, probably the strangest thing is that this model sports AT&T's HSPA+ bands. In other words, there is a great possibility that Samsung will launch two different Galaxy S III devices: one with a dual-core heart and the other one with a quad-core processor. As far as AT&T has no LTE and uses HSPA+ instead, it should be compatible with quad-core processors. Of course, there is also a chance that FCC is testing a Canadian version of the Galaxy S III but we really doubt that. By all means it would be really nice to see a quad-core Galaxy S III but this handset can get into trouble as well as the HTC One X did. Still, we will have our fingers crossed and our words directed up high to see a real, quad-core beast on the USA store shelves in June 2012.

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