Apple?s Thunderbolt
By Fred Salva

Well, you can get some author?s right on adding ?I? letter in front of everything to make it sound like ?iI iHave iAn iPhone? but that does not give you any right to take advantage from the other words. I do not want to offend anyone but it looks like people that work in Apple have a lack of fantasy as far as they are going to use ?ThundertBolt? word for their new device. I know that none can forbid us to call things thunderbolt but common ? grow up. Android family has already promised to call HTC Thunderbolt long time ago so what for Apple is doing this? It will bring only confusion on the market. And even despite the fact that Apple?s Thunderbolt will be a new one LightPeak ? a fast 10Gbps port on an upcoming MacBook Pro that is not an excuse. I think that Longman dictionary is big enough to find something as fast or even faster than Thunderbolt.

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