Android vs. iPhone : Open vs. Closed
By Ricky Mauch

What is the better strategy? To have an open platform Operating System like the Android OS, or a closed platform Operating system like the one found on the iPhone? It's basically a battle of Google vs. Apple, and both sides have their ups and downs, which explains why both sides have, up to this point, been very successful. There is no denying that the iPhone is a huge success. The iPhone's closed system creates a clean flowing, seamless and balanced user experience - but also comes with the expense of freedom of choice. Whereas we have the open source Google Android Operating System. With Android, any developer who has a good idea and a knowledge of how to put it to good use can create programs or modifications to the operating system to ensure that the problem will no longer exist. In my opinion, both open and closed systems are so opposite in nature, yet so balanced with eachother. In the end, it's really the question of, "Which do YOU prefer?" [AndroidCentral]

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