Android Versus iPhone Statistics are Unbalanced right now
By Ricky Mauch

I really don't understand, at this point, how any person or group of people can compare the 'popularities' of Android versus iPhone, or vice versa. Honestly, how can you compare a 3-year-old technology to one that hasn't even been popular for a year? First off, it's not a fair comparison, as iPhone has had over 3 times longer to amass a fanbase of people who now know none other than iOS as smart phone technology. The majority of these people likely do not care about which technology best-utilizes the resources in the phone that it is given. I have found in that the Android users that I have met usually have the tendency to be more tech-enthusiastic than iPhone users, but I'm not sure what to make of this correlation. Now I am not saying that iPhone users are computer illiterate, I am just going with the trend that I have seen. According to yet ANOTHER report - the numbers state that iPhone's share in web-usage dropped 8.1% from a month ago while Android's share grew by 12.2%. It's only natural that this would happen as more Android phones hit the market - especially when people are waiting for the iPhone 4 to be released later this month. All in all, I would say that the use of statistics like these are only comparable when a technology has been out for enough time to stabilize the rate at which it grows and shrinks, and right now - the last thing that I would call the market share of Android is stable. The right thing to do, as much as a fan of Android that I remain, would be to wait another 2 years, then do these statistics - I feel like it is only then will we have an accurate reading on which platform really rules the markets. [informationweek]

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