Android Market Receives Update
By Fred Salva

Well, this is a small but yet useful update from Google. We are all aware that the safest place where we can get applications and games for our gadgets is the Android Market. Well, despite the fact that it has to be safe it also should be comfortable place to browse for interesting offers. So, in the latest Market update Google has added the option to remove yourself from targeted ads. Well, I do not click on AdMob ads unless by accident but still it is annoying and not pleasant at all. And it is nice to be able to control your experience a bit more anyway. Well, it won?t make all the ads disappear but should bring you ?interest-based ads" that are targeted specifically for you. I do not know how about you, but I always like to hear that I?m special even when we talk about ads. And you? Enjoy your Android Market Journey.

Customer Comments
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