Android in a History Commercial. Interesting.
By Fred Salva

It is very interesting to witness things that have no explanation. A great example of the mystic behavior is shown in the commercial that we are going to talk about. When I was watching this pretty short video at the first time I was a bit confused about one thing that was used in it. This commercial tells us, in a funny manner, about the history of Sweden. Well, I kind of like the way it was drawn and the way it was released in the world. But, the only thing I can?t stop thinking is the following: as you can see on the image, a little green robot in the crowd of warriors is our bellowed Andy. But what is he doing out there? Did he sign up to become an ancient marine or something? None knows and neither do I. It doesn?t seem that those people who were creating this video were trying to offend anyone but still it would be very nice to get some answers. So, here is the video. Watch it and share your ideas. Maybe, you will be able to share with us the most realistic reason.

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