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Android Trek Goals

Here at Android Trek, our goals are to inform all Android lovers out there of the latest smart phones that feature the little green guy that we all love and to review them as the hit the markets. Our articles also feature current events from carries and manufacturers that pertain to Android news, software, and hardware. Our excellent writers take the time to search for the latest news on all things Android. With the Android Trek journalists, you can be sure to always been informed on the latest breaking new stories from each day. For those of you looking for the right accessories for your Android smart phones, you've come to the right place! Our reviewers have hand chosen each and every one of the accessories to the left. They have taken the time to search for the ideal chargers, cables, covers, and more, making sure that everything was exactly perfect for your smart phone. We also have placed all of these accessories at our low prices to help keep some green in that wallet of yours. The Android Trek Family has made sure that we carry the lowest prices on the web.

Community & Forums

The Android Trek Community is constantly growing in numbers each and every day since 2008. We take much of our time giving back to our followers throughout the nation with monthly giveaways and prizes. The Android Trek registration is completely free and we cover a variety of topics about the Android community, from certain phones to software and even to games or applications. We truly adore our followers and those who have helped make up the Android Trek community, and besides keeping you updated on the latest in Android news and reviews, we believe giving back with prizes and what not is the perfect way to show our love for the community.

Company History

Way back in 2004, a website called The Phone Review was established. From there The Phone Review soon became Cell Phone Trek. Cell Phone Trek takes pride in spouting out the latest articles of news and reviews for the average consumers. Around late 2004, a new inception was born into reality, a website dedicated to all followers of the little green man we know and love known as Android.

From there Android Trek was born and was brought up to be the one stop source for news and reviews on all things Android for anyone from the basic uniformed consumer to the technical professional and everyone in between.