A 32 GB Galaxy Nexus is Also Coming on Feb, 6 in the UK
By Fred Salva

Together with a white version of the Galaxy Nexus smart-phone we are also going to see the elusive 32GB GSM being launched on February, 6. Maybe, it is a coincidence but this day can be officially marked as the Galaxy Nexus day in the British calendar. The only thing that you won?t be able to enjoy happens to be the price: if you want that extra 16 GB ? be ready to pay 600 (~$930). I do hope to see it being offered on a contract bases but I can?t make someone to take that serious responsibility. I know that the Galaxy Nexus is the latest Google?s phone with the newest Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system on a board but paying a fortune for a smart-phone? Well, I am not ready for that. UK is known for very great contract offers and some of the latest products like the Galaxy S II have been offered for free with a two year agreement. So, maybe it would be reasonable to put the Galaxy Nexus device on a contract as well.

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