911HTC Blog Was ?Killed?
By Fred Salva

When you do something illegal (I am not saying that you do), it is a great possibility that someone will come to you with a visit and will make you pay for your law breaking. While Android developers are not stealing sausages or vegetables from markets, Google and HTC are monitoring their achievements and here is what we have: the infamous 911HTC blog that scored leaked HTC ROMs has ?gone dead?. The site itself redirects to Google.com, and its pages to Google 404s. Well, you are still able to find some of the ROMs on their external hosting pages but that is all. On the one hand, I feel sorry that the 911HTC blog was ?killed? but, on the other hand it was a ?suicide.? HTC is very categorical in things like that and, if you realize that, they are losing money when someone is doing something with their software property. Well, this is how the law system works.

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